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Learn Turkish


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All Members , Moderated
learnturkish is a community for anyone interested in learning the Turkish language (Türkçe). Discussions on grammar, translation requests, posting links to useful resources and other issues relevant to the Turkish language and language learning are all welcome here.

Native Turkish speakers are also very welcome to join and offer advice and help to those struggling with the language.

Community Rules :

1) Posts should be in English or bilingual English-Turkish.
2) Members should treat other posters with respect and not resort to spamming, flaming or the posting of illegal material.
3) Try not to use this community as a way to get others to do your homework for you. ^_^
4) Advertising of other communities is allowed only if it is relevant to this community. All other ads will be deleted.
5) Introduction posts are very welcome but not compulsory!

Affiliates :

If you're interested in becoming an affiliate of this community, please read this

Some Useful Links :

+ Basics of Turkish Grammar
+ Learning Practical Turkish
+ Manisa Turkish
+ Online Turkish
+ Turkish Language Class
+ Turkish (Wikibooks)
+ Turkish Phrasebook (Wikitravel)
+ Turkish Tutor

Community Moderator :

languagesblog (also as kelly_in_taiwan)